Law Optional Test Series

Law Optional Test Series

Law Optional (UPSC) Test Series

Main Features

  • Improvement through Writing, Discussion and again Writing
  • Student will have to take a print out of the PDFs of the question paper and answer sheet and take the test within 3 hours under examination condition
  • After taking the test, the student has to scan the answer sheet and mail it in PDF form to [email protected]
  • Tests to be evaluated within 48 hours
  • Answer discussion of each question, answer writing guidance and model answer for all questions
  • Relevant material will be provided
  • Fee- Rs. 6,100/- (inclusive of all taxes).

How to Enroll?

  • Complete your profile by uploading details on the given link.
  • Call/WhatsApp on9717821961
  • Fresh Batch is starting from 12th July
  • Limited Seats Available to maintain the quality of the feedback

Enroll now! Admission is closing soon!!!!!