Indian Polity And Governance

Indian Polity And Governance

Indian Polity and Governance

For Civil Services and State Services Examination

Indian Polity and Governance is a significant book written specifically for Civil Services aspirants. This brilliantly researched and exceptionally detailed book will also be critical while preparing for various state services examinations. The content, form and structure of the book has been designed in a manner that it can even help students prepare for optional subjects like Law, Political Science and Public Administration, while being of equal significance and relevance to those preparing for Judiciary, CLAT and other Law Entrance Tests.

Starting from the history of evolution of the Indian Constitution, the book delves deep into the salient features of the Constitution, the different organs of the government and their respective role in India’s political system, and the functions of constitutional and non-constitutional bodies among others. It also provides a conceptual understanding of various aspects connected to governance. This book has in-depth analysis of landmark as well as latest judgments of the Supreme Court and High Courts.

Written lucidly and in a student-friendly manner, the book will serve as the most comprehensive reference on Indian political system and governance. The book is embedded with flowcharts and diagrams for facilitating easy understanding of the topics.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive coverage of Indian Polity according to the syllabus of UPSC
  • Probing questions at the beginning of each part to enhance thoughtfulness in the students
  • Key Facts in the end of each chapter to enhance objectivity
  • Provides strategy to study and prepare Indian Polity for UPSC
  • Provides tables of important articles, schedules and amendments in Indian Constitution
  • Features solved papers of UPSC Prelims from the years 2011 to 2020
  • Provides questions on Indian Polity asked in papers of UPSC Main examination from the year 2013 to 2020
  • Embedded with smart code for online support
  • Provides 10 online mock-tests for self-assessment

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